Joke of the Day – Heavenly confessions

Joke of the Day – Heavenly confessions

There were 2 women, Linda, and Angie standing at the Pearly Gates of heaven, exchanging stories on how they died.

Linda said that she had a heart attack. Angie said that she froze to death.

Angie asked, “How did you manage to have a heart attack?”

Linda said, ” Well it’s a long story, but here is the short version. I suspected my husband was cheating on me so I went home to catch him in the act. When i got home, he was sitting on the couch by himself.”

“I ran upstairs to check all the closets and under the beds and everything. I looked everywhere! I didn’t see anyone upstairs, so I went downstairs and checked all the closets, and cabinets and I didn’t see anybody.”

“After all that running around and excitement, I guess my heart just gave out.”

Angie said, Well if you would have looked in the freezer first, we would both still be alive!!!”


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