Joke of the Day – dont step on a duck

there were these three guys that were in a car wreck from drunk driving that died and went to heaven.the three guys ask god if they could have another chance on earth and god said yes but u cant step on a duck. the guys then asked god why a duck and god just replied dont step on a duck. so guy number one went back on the earth and afterwhile he stepped on a duck and was placed wit the ugliest woman in the world. guy number 2 also stepped on a duck and was also placed wit the most ugliest girl. guy number 3 just look and laughed sayin im glad i didnt step on a duck and was placed wit da most pretties girl in da world. he was happy wit da results in his woman dat he looked up 2 god sayin god wat did i do 2 recive da most prettiest girl ever…. his girlfriend looked at him and said i dont know about you but i stepped on a duck.


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