Guy goes in a cocktail bar

A guy goes in a cocktail bar and notices a big jar filled with $50 bills on the bar counter and gets curious.

MAN: What is this jar thing, there must be hundreds of dollars in it ?

BARTENDER: We have a small game in our bar. Whoever completes three tasks correctly, wins the money in the jar.

MAN: What are the tasks then ?

BARTENDER: I can’t tell you, you have to pay the $50 first. Man gives the bartender a $50 bill

MAN: Now, what are the three tasks ?

BARTENDER: Well first, you have to finish a bottle of tequila in less than a minute and your face mustn’t grin at all. Secondly, there is an angry Rottweiler with a toothache in the backyard. You have to remove this tooth with bare hands. And thirdly, my 90-year-old grandmother lives upstairs and she haven’t had an orgasm in 50 years, and you have to make one to her.

MAN: Hell no, I ain’t doing all that !

BARTENDER: As you wish …

The man has a few beers and gets annoyed by the $50 he had lost. He starts to reconsider completing the three tasks, as there is a large cash prize. He goes to the bartender and asks “Where’s the bottle of tequila ?” As he gets it, he drinks it empty with one swallow and asks for direction to the backyard, where the dog is. As the back door closes, a very loud noise rises. The man is yelling, the dog is barking, growling and whining… Suddenly, it’s very silent. The customers in the bar are looking at each other horrified, thinking that the man is dead. Soon, the man opens the back door and enters the bar, with clothes all bloody and torn. He gasps for a moment and asks “Now where’s the woman with a toothache ?! ”


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