The meaning of life

A philosophy professor wants to do a lasting final lecture before retiring, so he chooses to teach about the meaning of life. He gets into the classroom and puts a big empty jar on the table.

He starts to fill the jar with cobble to the top and asks the class whether the jar is filled or not. They answer that it is. He then begins to put smaller stones in and asks again, is the glass full. Again the answer is yes. He then puts sand into the jar and the students start wondering. One student asks: “But prof, what does this all have to do with the meaning of life?”.

The professor then begins to explain, well the cobbles are the important things in your life, your health, family, friends and so on, the smaller stones are the less important things like exams and the sand is the small stuff in life like getting your hair cut, going to parties and the like. You see you should start with the important stuff and there will always be time for the small stuff. But when you start with the small stuff there won’t be space for the important things. The class starts to applaud and everyone is impressed how clever of a lesson it was. The professor interrupts them by opening a beer and then another one, the students look at him puzzled. He then pours the beer in the jar and says: “No matter what there’s always space for two beers.”


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