Joke of the Day – Half of everything

Joke of the Day – Half of everything

Three guys are walking in an abandoned warehouse. They find a genie bottle. They decide to rub it.

A genie pops out. He says, “I will grant you each one wish, but there’s a catch. Whatever you wish for, a lawyer will get 2 times more than that.”

The first guy says, “I want a million dollars.” The genie says, “Are you sure?” He says yes. *poof* The guy has one million dollars, and a lawyer gets two million.

The second guy says “I want a new car.” The genie says, “A lawyer is getting two new cars then.”

The guy says, “Oh well. I want my car.” *poof* He has a new porche.

The third guy says, “I want to be beaten half to death.”


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