Joke of the Day – first day of school

Joke of the Day – first day of school

It was the first day of school… The kindergartners were now first graders. The teacher made an announcement to the class. “Now that you are in the first grade, we will need to work on using grown-up words and not using baby words anymore. ”
“Let’s tell everyone what we did over the summer..”
Well, the first little girl got up and said that she went to see her “nana” over the vacation.
The teacher said “that’s good! But, we need to start saying grandma like a grown-up, not nana that’s a baby word.”
The next little boy got up and said with a big smile that he went for a long ride on a “choo-choo”.
The teacher said “I bet that was exciting! But, we need to start saying train like a grown-up, not choo-choo, that’s a baby word.”
Well, the last little boy got up to tell what he had done. He said that he read a book. The teacher said “that’s wonderful! Which book did you read?”
The little boy stood up nice and tall, puffed out his chest and in his most adult voice he could muster, he said “Winnie the Shit”


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