Joke of the Day – read in a magazine

Joke of the Day – read in a magazine

A guy read in a magazine that you can have longer sex by masterbating beforehand. He decides to test it out the same evening after work!

His only problem: where should he do it?
In the toilets? To many people!
Behind his desk? To risky!
In the park down the street? To many playing children!

On his way home he thinks he has the ideal solution: stop at a parkingarea next to the road, go underneath the car and act like you are inspecting the underneath.

The guy pulls over at a parking spot, gets underneath his car, closes his eyes, pulls his pants down and starts frantically masturbating while thinking of his girlfriend.

Just before he’s about to reach his highlight, he feels someone pulling on his trouser leg. To keep his rythm, so close before ejaculation, he decides to keep his eyes closed and to continue…….

Again, someone pulls on his trousers leg. Still, with his eyes closed he asked: “Who’s there?”

“Police”, the person answered “and what are we doing here sir?”

“I am inspecting my rear axle, I think its broken” he replied in a bit of a panic.

“Ahh right” the police man replied whilst laughing. While you’re busy doing that, check your handbrake too, because your car is 40 feet further up the road against a lamp post


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