Joke of the Day – Day of Judgement

Joke of the Day – Day of Judgement

The Day of Judgement has arrived. Major disasters everywhere: flood, fire, disease.
St. Peter has been at the Gates of Heaven for three straight days, asking the millions of victims some very basic questions.
Jesus comes along and sees that Peter is much too tired to continue.

“Pete, take a break and I’ll do this for a while”.
So Jesus takes over and asks each potential resident their name, occupation, and number of children, where applicable.

After a time, an old, feeble man appears before him.
“Your name sir?” asks Jesus
“I don’t know” replies the man.
Again the old man replies that he doesn’t recall.
“Number of children?”
“No clue” says the man.

Somewhat exasperated, Jesus starts anew. “Your name really isn’t that important. However, your occupation is. Please concentrate sir; what did you do for a living, how did you gain your livelihood?”
The old man, lost in thought, slowly starts to piece it together.
“Well,” he says “I can recall working with my hands a lot. In fact, looking at the splinters in my palms, I’d have to say that I was a carpenter.”
“Excellent and honorable occupation sir. Well done! Now for the next step: How many, if any, children did you have?”
Once again the old man furrows his brow and tries desperately to remember.
After a long while he says “I’m almost sure I had one child and since I can’t remember any dresses or dolls, I’m sure the child was a boy.
And one more thing, this boy of mine was ostracized because he had holes in his hands, his feet, and his sides”.

Finally piecing the story together, Jesus jumps to his feet, the ultimate realization of who he has encountered striking him like a bolt of lightning.

With tears in his eyes, he yells “Father!!”
The old man, equally moved, rises and screams “Pinocchio!!”


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