Joke of the Day: Backhanded Comments

Joke of the Day: Backhanded Comments

Backhanded Comments…

“That dress is lovely; it does wonders for your figure.”

“You’re smarter than you look.”

“You don’t sweat that much for a fat girl!”

“Your son is more handsome than I would have expected.”

“You are attractive, for your age.”

“You’re actually kinda cute now that I’ve gotten to know you.”

“You’re not as heavy as people think you are.”

“I’m amazed by the level of success readers have after following your advice.”

“Your plastic surgeon has such a delightful sense of humor!”

“You’re more of a “street smart” kind of guy.”

“You’re not the kind of girl guys date; you’re the kind of girl they marry.”

“You drive very well, for a woman.


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