Joke of the Day: Lizard,Monkey & Alligator

A lizard was walking through the forest one day, bored out of his mind. While on the path, he looks up and sees his friend, the monkey, hanging from a tree with his eyes completely shut. The lizard yells “Hey Monkey!”

The monkey wakes up suddenly and replies “Oh hey dude! What are you doing?” “Nothing at all, I don’t have anything to do,” the lizard replied. The monkey says “Dude, I got some of the best pot today. Come up here and smoke some with me!”

The lizard climbed up the tree and smokes with the monkey. After two hours of getting stoned and laughing at silly things, the lizard gets a bad case of cotton mouth. “Hey Monkey,” said the lizard, “I’m so thirsty. I’m going to the river for a drink.” The lizard stumbles out of the tree and gets back on the path towards the river.

He gets to the river and begins to drink. He sees his own reflection in the river. Startled by it, he falls in! Too stoned to swim, all he can do is struggle to get out. And that’s when he feels himself get pulled out by something. The lizard is lying on his back, looking up at a large alligator who just saved his life.

“Hey Lizard!” said the alligator. “What were you doing in the river?”

“I was thirsty man. Dude, Monkey has some amazing pot! You should go smoke some with him!” the lizard proclaimed as he pointed the alligator towards the path into the forest.

And so the alligator is walking through the forest when he sees a monkey dangling from a tree, completely passed out. The alligator looks up and yells “Hey Monkey!”

The monkey wakes up suddenly, looks down for a few seconds and says “Dude, how much water did you drink?”


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