Joke of the Day: Last night’s sex

Two women talk about their last night sex:

-So, how was your sex yesterday?

-It was crap…. My husband came home, ate his dinner in 3 minutes, then we fucked for 4 minutes and after two minutes he fell asleep. And how was yours?

-I had a wonderful evening yesterday. My husband came back home, then he took me out for a lovely romantic dinner. Then we had a relaxing stroll back home for an hour. Then we lit the candles and had a wonderful one-hour long foreplay. We had awesome sex for an hour and we also talked and cuddled for an hour afterwards. It was absolutely fantastic!

In the meantime, the husbands talk to each other:

-How was your sex yesterday? -It was crap…. I came back home to find that the power was down, so I took my old hag, out for something to eat. The food was very expensive and I didnt have much money so we had to come back home on foot. When we came back home, there was still no power so I had to light those fucking candles. I was so pissed off that I couldnt get a hard on for an hour, and later I wasnt able to fall asleep for ages. And how was yours?

-My evening was cool! I came back home, the food was already on the table. I ate until I was full, fucked my wife and went to sleep!


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