Joke of the Day: Panda in restaurant

Joke of the Day: Panda in restaurant

A Panda walks into an expensive restaurant, he gets seated by the host and looks at the menu. He orders the most expensive items on the menu; Porterhouse, A bottle of Chateau Lafite and Black Truffle Cheesecake. When the check comes, the Panda pulls out a handgun and shoots the waiter right between the eyes.

As the Panda is walking out the door, the manager stops him. “What the hell do you think you are doing Panda,” he says. “Not only are you skipping out on the check, but you SHOT my employee.”

“Its ok sir,” the Panda responds, “I’m a panda” “You KILLED someone, you can’t get away with this!” yells the manager.

“Don’t be silly,” says the Panda. “Im a panda, look it up in the dictionary” And he casually walks out the door.

The manager, not knowing what to do with himself, grabs a dictionary and flips to P. Under Panda:

panda. noun. Large mammal, indigenous to China. Eats shoots and leaves.


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