Joke of the Day: Smartest Pet

Joke of the Day: Smartest Pet

While walking down the street, a business man see’s a dog walking down the road with a bag in his mouth. Interested in where the dog was going he followed the dog to the local store. There the dog went straight to the teller, and placed the bag in the teller’s hand. He then handed him a grocery bag with a envelope. the man watches all this with wonder as the dog bites and holds the bag and note in its mouth while he walks out the store.

The businessman follows the dog out as the puppy heads straight to the bus. The bus comes and the dog waits, two more bus come and go before the dog finally gets on a bus. The man follows the dog on the bus and they travel with the bus all the way until the second to last stop. the dog gets off and the man follows, the dog walks down one street and another until finally he finds a house.

The man watches quietly as the dog walks up the lawn to the porch and starts scratching the door. the puppy puts his bag down. barks and trots over to the window and scratches some more. Finally the dog walk away, to the other end of the lawn and charges the door full speed. With all the force he has the dog slams his body against the door hard making the door shake. The dog gets up and shakes himself off and trots back to the end of the lawn again, charges full speed and BAM hits the door hard.

While walking back to do it again a man in a robe opens the door, the dog turns around quick and his tail wagged hard back and forth while he ran back to the porch to greet this new guy. the man in the robe starts to beat the dog repeatedly, hitting the puppy hard making him yelp.

Finally the business man runs to the scene and yells at the man in the robe, “What the hell are you doing?! This dog is the smartest dog i’ve ever seen!.”

The man replies, “Smart my ass, this is the third time this week he’s forgotten his keys!”


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