Joke of the Day: Fed up wife

Joke of the Day: Fed up wife

So a man is always cheating on his wife. She finally gets fed up with him and says the next time he gives her a lame excuse, she is going to leave him. A few days later he comes home extremely late. “So what’s the excuse this time,” she said. “Hey, I was drinking all night with my buddies. I swear,” he slurred. “Where?” she asked. “Uhhh…I can’t remember exactly, but wherever it is, they have golden urinals.” He then proceed to pass out. Now, he had given some weird excuses before, but this one was just bizarre, so she decided to give him the benefit of the doubt and call around town to find the golden urinal bar. After being hung up on many times, she calls the last bar in town. “Hello? I know this is going to sound weird, but do you guys have golden urinals?” The bartender then pulls the phone from his face and shouts, “Hey, Jerry! We found the guy that pissed in your saxophone.”


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