Joke of the Day: Sea Captain

Joke of the Day: Sea Captain

A young sailor is walking the docks and spots a sea captain, examining his deck. The sea captain has a peg leg, a hook and an eyepatch. The young sailor, curious, asks the captain “How did you get your peg leg?” The captain replies “Arrr it was a stormy night, and a gust of wind blew me of me boat. In the water a shark bit off me leg.” The sailor then asks “How did you get the hook?” To which the captain replies “I was in a fierce sword fight with another bucanneer and the bastard cut off me hand.” “Wow you are brave sea aged captain, but how did you get the eyepatch?” “Arrrgh a damned seagull pooped in me eye.” “Why didn’t you wipe it out?” “Twas me first day with the hook.”


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