Joke of the Day: Training 3 blonde women

Joke of the Day: Training 3 blonde women

A police officer was tasked to train three blonde women to become detectives.

He showed them a picture of a man for five seconds before asking the first blonde how she would recognize him in the streets. “Oh, that’s easy! He only has one eye!”

The police officer exclaimed: “Are you stupid? He doesn’t have one eye, the picture is the profile of the man!”

Clearly furious by that answer, he asked the second blonde the same question.

“Oh, well… I’d recognize him because he only has one ear”.

The police officer was damn furious and let out a loud sigh before asking the third blonde, and he urged her to at least think through the answer before answering.

“I’d recognize him because he wears contact lenses”, she said.

The police officer, somewhat clearly caught off guard by that answer was curious to see if she was right or not. So she called the photographer from the model agency from where the picture was obtained and asked the photographer for the model’s phone number.

Surely enough, he called the model and the model confirmed that he was wearing contact lenses when the picture was taken.

“That’s amazing!”, he told the third blonde. “How in the world did you know that he was wearing contact lenses?”

“Well,” said the third blonde, “he can’t wear glasses since he only has one eye and one ear”.

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