Joke of the Day: New Job

Joke of the Day: New Job

Guy gets a new job at an all in one store. His manager says that he works on commission so just try to sell a few things and he’ll come back and check on him later. At the end of the day he comes back and asks the salesman how many sales he had.

The guy replies “1”. The manager says “Well geez, normally our guys do 15-20 a day. How much was your sale?” The guy replies back “$221,536.87” The manager yells “Holy shit! What did you sell???”

“Well, the guy was buying a small fish hook, so I got him to buy a medium hook and a large hook. I asked him what he was going to fish with and I talked him into a new pole. He also needed bait. I asked him where he was goin fishing, he said probably the creek and I told him he had to go out on the lake. Well, he didn’t had a boat so I took over to the marina section and he bought a twin V skipper.

Then he realized he couldn’t tow it with his car so we went to automotive and he bought a new truck.” Thoroughly impressed, the manager said “he came in for a fishing hook and you got him to buy all that?” The salesman replied “oh no. He came in for tampons and I said buddy your weekend is fucked, you better go fishing.”


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