Joke of the Day: Letter to Jesus

Some workers at the post office are sorting through the mail when they see a letter addressed to Jesus Christ. Baffled, they decide to open the letter, which reads as follows:

“Dear Jesus, I’m writing because I’m in a bind and I don’t know where else to turn. I’ve talked to all of my so-called friends and nobody will help me out. I need a hundred dollars to take care of some problems, and having exhausted all my other options I turn to You. I know You’ll help me in my time of need.”

The workers take this letter to their supervisor, and after reading it over, they all decide to help the man out. Everyone at the post office chips in, but after one week they only manage to collect $75. They decide to mail this money to the man anyways as if Jesus himself had sent it, figuring that $75 is better than nothing at all.

Some time later, a second letter arrives at the post office from the same individual, also addressed to Jesus Christ. The workers, excited to learn the result of their generous act, quickly open the letter:

“Dear Jesus, I want to thank you for the money You sent me. I just knew I could count on You. Forgive me for writing again, but I’ve gotten myself tangled up in another mess, and I need another hundred dollars. I only ask that if You find it in Your heart to help me out again, please don’t send me the money through the mail. Last time, I’m pretty sure those assholes at the post office opened Your letter and stole $25.”


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