Joke of the Day: Senior prom

Joke of the Day: Senior prom

A high school girl is getting ready for her senior prom. Lets call her Jen. Now, Jen has been dreaming if this day for her entire life. She has everything set up perfectly; she’s got a hot date, and the perfect dress.

All of a sudden, as Mother Nature is wont to do, Jen gets her period, and it’s a particularly heavy flow this month. Jen runs to her bathroom to find some tampons, but she’s an idiot and hadnt gone to get any. “FUCK!” Yells Jen.

As she often does when she really needs help, Jen calls up her fairy godmother. “What is it you need deary?” Asks the fairy godmother. “Look,” said Jen, “Im about to go to prom and my period came and I don’t have any tampons!! Can you help me out?” “Of course!” Says fairy godmother, “take this magic tampon. It’ll soak up even the heaviest flow, but there’s on condition. You MUST be back by midnight or that tampon will turn into a pumpkin!”

“Yeah okthxBAI” says Jen, and she heads out for the night.

11:45 comes around and the fairy godmother is up waiting for Jen. 11:55 No sign of Jen, and the fairy godmother is getting worried. 12:00… Jen. Fairy godmother is PISSED. “WHAT THE FUCK,” she cries out into the night. 1:00…no Jen 2:00….nothing 3:00 strikes and Jen finally rolls in. “What the fuck happened?” Asked the fairy godmother. “Where have you been? Are you all right?? You worried me to death!”

“No no fairy godmother I’m fine I’m fine!” Said Jen. “I met the most amaaazing boy! My night was perfect!”

“Jen that’s ridiculous Im much more concerned about your safety! What was this boys name, huh?”

“His name was, uhh… Peter Peter…something eater..”


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