Joke of the Day: Two Whales

Joke of the Day: Two Whales

Two whales were swimming together in the Pacific Ocean when they come across a whaling vessel.

One whale looks to the other and says “we should swim under it and blow our air out, and hopefully the boat will capsize!”

The second whale agrees, thinking that every whaler deserves a fate like that, so they swim under the boat, and exhale as hard as they can.

The boat tips over and all the men on board are stranded, floating I the water.

The first whale then says “we should eat these sailors so they don’t ever even have the chance to hunt another one of us again!”

The second whale, with a look of disgust on her face, replies “Look. I went ahead with the blowjob, but there is no WAY you’re going to get me to eat the seamen!”


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