Joke of the Day: 3 mice

3 mice are sitting around drinking at a mouse bar and start talking about how tough they each are. The first mouse slams down a shot and says “I’m so tough, every morning I wake up and go around the house, take the cheese from the mousetraps, and bust out 50-100 reps on each one.” Second mouse says “ahh, that’s nothing,” slams a shot, and proceeds “I’m so tough that every morning, I go around the house and collect all the rat poison pellets and crumble them up and sprinkle that shit on my breakfast cereal.” The third mouse just sits there quietly, drinks his shot, then starts to leave. The other two look at him and pry “well, what about you? Not man enough to hang with us?” The third mouse casually replies “I don’t have time for these childish games. I have to get home and fuck the cat.”


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