Joke of the Day: In School

Joke of the Day: In School

In an 3rd grade American class room.

The teacher is discussing U.S. presidents.

“Who gave the Gettysburg Address?” she asked the class.

Immediately a hand shot up belonging to a female Japanese foreign exchange student.

“Yes?” the teacher asked.

“Abraham Lincoln! 1863!” replied the girl proudly.

“That’s correct,” said the teacher, “Now can anyone tell me who wrote the Declaration of Independence?”

Again the Japanese girl’s hand shot up. This time the teacher waited to see if anyone else knew the answer, but no one came forward. She called on the foreign exchange student again.

“Thomas Jefferson! 1776!” said the girl proudly once again.

The teacher addressed the rest of class and said “You should all be ashamed of yourselves. This little girl has been in the country for less than a month and she knows more about your history than you do.”

The class grumbled and mumbled, and excuses were pouring out as well as dissatisfaction. Then from the back of the room someone shouted “To hell with the Japanese!”

The teacher now flustered and angry questioned “Who said that?”

The japanese girl couldn’t contain her excitement and shouted back “Harry Truman! 1945!”

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