Joke of the Day: Man dies and goes to hell

Joke of the Day: Man dies and goes to hell

A man dies and goes to hell, upon his arrival, Satan says to him, “I’m in a good mood today. Tell you what, there are 3 doors here, behind each door are people being tortured. I’ll let you look and choose which one you would prefer for all eternity.”

So the man looks behind the first door and sees a man being poked with pitchforks, over and over. “I don’t think I’d like that” he says and looks behind the second door.

He sees a man shackled to a bench with flames burning him all over. “Nope, don’t want that one either!” he says.

Satan leads him to the third door, where he sees a really ugly old man, hands shackled to a wall, getting a BJ from a really pretty blonde girl. The man gets excited and shouts, “That one! I’ll take this punishment for all eternity!”

Satan then taps the blonde on the shoulder and says, “You can go now, we’ve found a replacement!”


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