Joke of the Day: Parrot

So she goes to the local pet store and asks the shopkeeper if he has any parrots.

“Well I’ve just got this one right now but I have to warn you he used to belong to an old sailor and he’s picked up some nasty words. Why don’t you come back next week.” He said.

“No that’s quite alright. I know just how to handle him.”

So she pays for the bird and brings him home and sure enough once he gets home he starts cussing up a storm so the old lady takes him and throws him in the freezer. After 5 minutes she takes him out and he’s shivering and shaking and says “I’m so sorry I’ll never curse again.”

Well a couple of weeks go by and he’s behaving himself until the old lady brings some friends over and he starts swearing and cussing and calling them all sorts of horrible names. So she grabs the bird and throws him the freezer. After 10 minutes she takes him out and asks “Well did you learn your lesson?”

And the parrot is blue and shivering and shaking and says “Yes Yes I did. I’m so sorry I’ll never swear again! I promise!”

So a few months go by and the bird starts up again swearing and yelling and saying things the lady couldn’t have imagined in her worst nightmares so she grabs the parrot and throws him in the freezer. Just then her best friend Lucy called and they started talking and talking and before she’d realized it 2 hours had gone by!

She runs over to the freezer and opened the door and found the parrot iced over and barely alive. And the parrot says “I’m soo sooo sorry. I promise I’ll never swear again ever, but please, please, I just, I have to know…

What did the Turkey say?”


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