Joke of the Day: Preacher at bar

Joke of the Day: Preacher at bar

A deacon and a Baptist preacher are out of town doing mission work, when they stop in a small bar to get a bite to eat. They take a seat at a small table.

“You know, deacon, we could get a drink here and no one back home would ever know,” the pastor says to the deacon.

“That is true.” The deacon was a bit shocked by the pastor’s statement.

“Deacon, I’ve lived a good life, I think I deserve to live a little. I’ve always wanted to try one of those “mar-tin-eyes” the fancy people in the movies drink. If I get one, do you promise not to tell anyone?” The deacon nods. So when the waitress comes, the preacher orders his “mar-tin-eye”. The waitress, rightfully confused, goes to the bartender.

“Some old guy just came in here and ordered a “mar-tin-eye”, what the hell is that?”

“Is that damn preacher here again?”


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