Joke of the Day: Little Johnny

Joke of the Day: Little Johnny

Johnny’s mom is in the kitchen and she decides to check on her son who is playing in the living room.

Little Johnny is playing with his train set, he pulls the train into the station and says, “Whoever needs to get the hell off the train, and who ever needs to come on the train get the hell on.”

Little Johnny’s mom is furious and pulls him by the arm and throws him in his room and says to him, “You will stay in here until you learn not to curse.”

3 hours go by and little Johnny comes out of his room and says to his mother that he learned his lesson. Little Johnny goes back to his train and he says, “All passengers please climb aboard the train.” He watches his mother smile and walk back into the kitchen and then start to wash the dishes.

Little Johnny then turns to his train and says; “If anyone was wondering about the 3 hour delay, talk to the bitch in the kitchen.”


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