Joke of the Day:  Marriage counselling

Joke of the Day: Marriage counselling

A couple goes into marriage counseling. The wife tells the psychologist that her husband has been acting in unacceptable ways, and that she will have to seek a divorce if he doesn’t change his behavior.

First of all, the husband always picks his nose, regardless of whether or not he’s in public or some other inappropriate location for nose-picking.

Also, the husband never looks up while he is walking. His eyes are always glued to the floor when he goes anywhere.

And worst of all, he never lets his wife top while they’re having sex.

The psychologist asks the husband why he acts the way he does, and the husband replies, “my father insisted that I do those things while he was on his deathbed, so I’m simply respecting his last wishes.” “Well, what exactly did he say?” the psychologist inquired. So the husband replies, “he told me to keep my nose clean, don’t step on any toes, and don’t fuck up.”


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