Joke of the Day: Older gentleman

So, an older gentleman with erectile dysfunction goes to the doctor. The doc scratches his chin and looks at him for a while, and then clicks his fingers. “I’ve got just the thing for you! This is a rather new medicine, having just cleared the last phases of clinical trial. You’ll feel like you’re twenty again!”

“Anything to get old Jimbob back in the league, doc” answers the man, depressed “my life ain’t the same no more”.

“I just have to tell you” warns the doctor “this drug is EXTREMELY powerful, if you feel you’re getting out of control, you MUST dip your member and ballsack in some ice cold water or you risk dire consequences!”

So the man shakes the doc’s hand, gets home, and before going into the house, swallows one of the small. yellow and quite inoffensive-looking pills he was given by the professional.
Suddenly, his pupils dilate, his throat tightens, his breath becomes more shallow, his muscles bulge, his ballsack thunders, and his penis gets harder than diamond nano-coating. He MUST find something to soothe his lust!!! He loses himself and kicks the door down.

His wife, who was watching TV, barely has time to look up before she gets ravished by the crazy horny bastard that used to be her husband.

Unconscious and drooling, the wife slides off the couch to the floor, while the husband, still not satisfied, jumps the housekeeper and does her in too.

The wife’s sister, who had witnesses everything, tries to run to no avail. She, too, is a victim to the lustful maniac.

The neighbor, the dog, the cat, the neighbor’s husband, the neighbor’s cat, the mailman, they fall one by one like domino pieces to the lustful frenzy of the man.

Finally sensing he’s really out of control, he runs to the fridge to get some ice cold water, but all he can find is a bowl of cold milk. He sinks his dick in the bowl and sighs in immediate relief.
The housekeeper, who was limping past the door, saw him and stopped abruptly, eyes wide with fear, screaming:



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