Joke of the Day: Pope & Beggar

Joke of the Day: Pope & Beggar

The richest man in the world decides he wants to be blessed by the Pope at the Vatican. So he travels to Rome, gets in his finest suit, and goes to the Vatican to view the morning papal procession.

Sure enough, the Pope moves through the throng of people, and the man is close enough to stick out his hand for the Pope to take it, but the Pope moves right past him to stop in front of a dirty, ragged beggar a few feet away. The Pope takes the beggar’s hand, whispers into his ear, and proceeds to walk away.

“Of course!” the rich man thought. “He’s not going to stop for me if I’m dressed like this!”

The rich man follows the beggar as he leaves. Stopping the beggar in an alley, the rich man offers the beggar $1,000.00 if he’ll trade clothes with him. The beggar agrees, and the two exchange outfits.

That afternoon, there is to be another papal procession. The rich man, now dressed like the beggar, moves to the front of the crowd and waits. The Pope comes back through the crowd, and according to plan, heads right for him. The Pope takes his hand, leans down, and whispers in his ear.

“I told you once already: I never want to see you in here again….”


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