Joke of the Day:  Wedding Night

Joke of the Day: Wedding Night

I got married last week my fiancée and I were both virgins, and the night before our wedding my fiancée came up to me and said” I have to admit something…. My boobs are not really this big, I have been stuffing my bra the whole time!” I responded “it is Ok, I am not marrying you for your boobs!” “I have something to admit as well…. I am hung like a baby!” she also said “it is OK, I am not marrying you for the size of your penis!”

So on our wedding night, after everyone had left we went to out hotel room. I was sitting on the bed and she told me to wait there. She went into the bathroom and cleaned up, she came out naked. I immediately told her “your boobs are beautiful and I would not change a thing!”
I started to get undressed and got to my underwear, I took them off, and she fainted. I ran over to her to check on her. When she came to she looked at me and said “I thought you were hung like a baby”
“I am 7 pounds 6 ounces 19 and a half inches”


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