Joke of the Day: Farmer buys a rooster

Joke of the Day: Farmer buys a rooster

A farmer needs to buy a rooster for his hens but the seller warns him that the rooster is unusually amorous and will attempt to copulate with any living creature.

Since the farmer is in dire need after a few foxes have made off with his previous roosters, he takes the risk as part of the bargain price.

After a few weeks, the rooster has been quite busy. The hens are very happy and fertile and his chickens are multiplying quickly.

A few days later, he hears a terrible noise in the night. The fox is back. But the farmer finds the rooster sexually violating the poor fox. The fox runs off into the night never to return.

The farmer warns the rooster, “Damn, son. That’s mighty brave of you, but that habit is gonna be the death of you.”

The rooster shrugs it off and goes back to his harem of hens.

Several more farm animals were violated over the next few weeks–pigs, a mule, the geese, the farm dog, and even a cow. Each time, the farmer warned, “That’s gonna get you killed, boy. Slow that down.” But the rooster continued to shrug it off.

A few days later, the rooster is nowhere to be found. A small gathering of buzzards is circling over the bean field. The farmer wades into the rows to find the rooster laying motionless.

“I told you so, you horny bastard.”

The rooster opens and eye and points to the buzzards and says, “Shh!”


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