Joke of the Day: Women and seduction

Joke of the Day: Women and seduction

Three friends meet and start chatting about their love life. The first woman has a lover, the second one has is engaged and the third one is married. They agree to try a new seduction technique with their men so everyone, that night, is going to wear a leather black corset, 6 inches high heels and a mask to cover the face.

The day after they meet and start talking about what happened.

The one with the lover starts: “as soon as he opened the door, seeing me with the corset and the mask, he started howling and we made passionate love four times on the carpet…”

The engaged one is happy too: “I was kind of ashamed to let him see me like that so I put on a coat, but as soon as he arrived at home I removed it and he was stunned: he started kissing me and we made love two times on the bed”

In the end, even the married one starts telling her story: “I was wearing that outift too, with the corset, the mask and the heels, but as soon as he got home he crushed on the sofa, scratched his balls, took the TV remote and yelled: so, what’s for dinner, batman?”


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