Joke of the Day: Two beggars

Joke of the Day: Two beggars

The Pope is walking through the streets of Vatican City and he sees two beggars holding up cans for money. One of them is holding up a Christian cross, and the other a Star of David. The Pope sees that the one with the cross is, of course, getting much more money than the one with the Star of David, with some people only giving money to the Christian to spite the Jew. The Pope decides he has to intervene.

So he taps the Jew gently on the shoulder and says, “Excuse me. I noticed that you didn’t have anything in your tin and I wanted to point out that in Vatican City, begging for money with a Star of David isn’t a very good method of getting any, especially with a man with a cross next to you. Perhaps you should try a different city?”

The Jewish man laughs out loud, shocking the Pope. He turns to the Christian and exclaims, “Hey Abraham! Look who’s trying to teach the Goldberg brothers marketing!”

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