Joke of the Day: Fruit

Joke of the Day: Fruit

3 Men are lost in an island.

They find out that the island is filled with ruthless cannibals. They are caught by the cannibals, and are taken to the leader of their tribe for a hearing.

Bored, the leader asks each of the three to bring 10 fruits of one kind, Example, 10 bananas, etc.

They all scatter across the island to gather 10 fruits.

The first one gets 10 apples.

The leader says, “Shove all the ten fruits up your assholes without an expression! If you make a noise or make a face, you will be eaten by us!”

Puzzled, He puts the first apple into his anus, screams and is eaten, and is sent to heaven.

The second one brings 10 cherries, the leader says him to do the same, he inserts 9 cherries into his anus, laughs hysterically, and is eaten by the cannibals and sent to heaven.

In heaven, the first guy asks the second, “You were going so good, you could’ve lived, Why did you laugh?”

The second guy says, “I saw the third guy bringing pineapples.”


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