Joke of the Day: Dead Duck

Joke of the Day: Dead Duck

A woman brings her pet duck into the vet and patiently waits for the vet to signal she’s next.

A short time later the vet signals to the lady that he is ready for her, and the vet directs her into the next room.

Once inside, the vet closes the door behind her and asks what she has come in for.

The lady gently lays her duck onto the table and tells the vet that her beloved pet is sick.

The vet nodded silently to the woman and began to examine the motionless animal, looking the duck up and down.

After just a few seconds of this the vet takes a step back and says, “I’m sorry ma’am, but this duck is dead.”

The woman exclaims, “What? You’ve barely examined him! Is there anything else you can do? He’s not dead, he’s just sick! I’m sure of it!”

The vet exhales and reluctantly proceeds to the door, opens it, and leads in a large dog.

The vet then motions for the dog to get on the table, after which the dog begins to sniff the duck up and down. The duck still lays motionless.

After a few minutes of this the dog hops back down, walks back over to the vet and nods his head.

The vet leads the dog back out of the room but this time returns with a cat.

The vet leads the cat to the duck, and in a similar fashion the cat begins to sniff the duck up and down.

After a minute or two, the cat jumps off the table, walks to the vet, and nods his head. All the while the duck still remains lifeless on the table.

The vet leads the cat out of the room and returns shortly with a bill for the woman.

The vet hands the woman the bill and tells her, “I’m sorry, but your pet is dead, there’s nothing more we can do ma’am.”

The woman seems to accept the fate of her beloved pet but is soon outraged when she sees the bill.

“120 dollars??” She exclaims. “How are you going to charge me 120 dollars for just telling me my duck is dead?”

“Well ma’am, it would have only been 20 dollars if you would have taken my word for it, but the lab test and cat scan cost extra.”


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