Joke of the Day:  German, Frenchman & Englishman

Joke of the Day: German, Frenchman & Englishman

German, a Frenchman and an Englishman go fishing. They fish quite happily for a while until the German catches a huge golden fish, but as he pulls it off the hook it says “Please don’t kill me! Spare my life and I’ll grant you all a wish!”

The German throws the fish back and says “I wish for a mug of beer that will never empty”, and immediately a foaming mug of ice-cold German ale appears in his hand. He takes a long swig and when he puts it down, it’s still miraculously full! The Frenchman and Englishman are, of course, amazed.

“I wish,” said the Frenchman, “For a wall to be built around France, ten miles high and ten miles thick, so that nobody can get in and nobody can get out.”

The fish screws up its eyes in concentration for a moment then says. “Done! And what do you want?”

“Is there a wall around France?” asks the Englishman

“Yes.” replies the fish.

“Is it ten miles high and ten miles thick?”


“And can nobody get in, and nobody get out?”


“Well then,” says the Englishman, “I want you to fill it with water.”


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