Joke of the Day: Playing Golf

Joke of the Day: Playing Golf

A doctor, a priest and an engineer go to play a round of golf.

After only a few rounds, they get caught behind the worst group of golfers they’ve ever seen. After growing impatient from waiting for them to finish their holes, they go into the clubhouse to complain.

“Let me explain,” says the manager. “You see, those men all used to be firefighters, some of the best our city has ever seen. There was a fire here at the clubhouse about five years ago. Those heroic men saved our clubhouse from the fire. However, most unfortunately, they all lost their sight in the terrible fire. Since then, they are welcome to use our facilities for life; it’s the very least we could do.”

The priest, looks forlorn and says, “I’m so sorry to hear it! I will hold a prayer service this Sunday dedicated to these men.”

The doctor says, “what an awful thing! I know a highly-regarded optometrist who has done some research that might be able to help them, I’ll arrange for them to meet as soon as I can!”

The engineer thinks for a moment and says, “why can’t they golf at night?”


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