Joke of the Day: Genie

Joke of the Day: Genie

A man is lost in the desert. He’s tired and as he’s stumbling up another sand dune , he comes across a lamp.

“What the hell?”, he thinks and rubs it three times and a genie pops out.

“Thank you so much!” The genie tells the man. “I’ve been trapped in that lamp for thousands of years! Since you set me free I will grant you one wish.”

The man kinda grumbles thinking he always thought it was three wishes but quickly gets over it. A wish is a wish. He pulls out a map from his back pocket and asks the genie, “You see this part of the world right here?”

He points to the Middle East. “There’s so much violence and turmoil that has lasted thousands of years there that I would like there to be peace for as long as the world exists.”

The genie responds to the man with a tear coming out of his eye, “I’m sorry . Even with all my magical power I cannot make that wish come true.” A tear drops out of the man’s eye. He really wanted to make a difference.

“Cheer up!” genie says, “You still have a wish! what else might you wish for?”

“Well… You know Kim Kardashian? I would really like you to explain to me why she is still famous.”

The genie responds, “Let me take a look at that map again.”


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