Joke of the Day: Logic

Joke of the Day: Logic

Two rednecks are at a bar when one says to the other, “You know what? I’m gonna go back and finish my degree!” His friend agrees this is a good idea, and so the next day he goes to his local community college to enroll in some classes. He goes to the office of the registrar and tells the man, “Howdy! I’d like to finish my degree!” The registrar looks up his transcript and informs the man he only needs three classes to receive his diploma: English, history, and logic.

“Ok…I get the English and the history, but what on Earth is logic?” asks the man.

“I’ll explain by example! Do you, sir, own a lawnmower?”

“Yessir I do.”

“So that would mean you have a lawn, correct?”


“If you have a lawn, you certainly have a house, no?”


“Now, correct me if I’m wrong, but if you have a house, with a lawn and a lawnmower, you must have a family with whom you reside?”

“Well I’ll be damned!”

“But that’s not all! Having a family would mean you have a wife, and thus you, being a male yourself, are heterosexual. Or am I wrong?”

“I can’t believe it! You got all that from one stupid question? This class is gonna be great!”

So the man enrolls in the classes and heads home. A few days later he’s at the bar with his friend again when he tells him that he’s enrolled in some classes: English, history, and logic.

“Logic?” asks his friend. “What on Earth is that?”

“I’ll explain with an example, buddy! Do you own a lawnmower?”


“Well then, you’re a faggot!”


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