Joke of the Day: Likes the nun

Joke of the Day: Likes the nun

The man went up to her and asked her if they could bang, and the nun, who is definitely appalled, immediately gets off at the next stop.

A couple stops later the man goes to the bus driver and asks him, “Hey do you know how you can bang a nun? Particularly the one who got off a couple stops back.”

So the bus driver says, “Well, you can’t really just go up to a nun and get her to bang you, but I know for a fact that that every night that nun goes to the graveyard at exactly midnight to pray. You should dress up in your best God costume and make her have sex with you.”

The man is impressed, and decides to do just that. So he goes to the graveyard in his best God costume, and waits behind a gravestone. At exactly midnight, the nun enters and kneels at a tombstone, and beings to pray. He then jumps out and says “I am God!”

The nun is surprised and says “Oh Lord, please take me with you to heaven!” The man says, “Of course! But you must prove yourself worthy by having sex with me!” The nun a bit more surprised and says, “Ok, but I prefer anal.”

The man thinks ‘Wait what?’ but doesn’t give enough shits to not have sex with the hot nun. So they bang.

After he finishes he pulls out and takes off his mask, laughing. “Ha! Joke’s on you! I’m the guy from the bus!” He says.

The nun then gets up, pulls off her mask, and says, “Ha! Joke’s on you! I’m the bus driver!”


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