Joke of the Day: Black Eyes

Joke of the Day: Black Eyes

A man with a black eye takes his seat on the plane, when he notices that the man next to him also has a black eye. “How did you get yours?” He asked

“A Freudian slip at the ticket gate,” he replies “the girl selling the tickets was beautiful busty blonde. When I meant to ask for a ticket to Pittsburg, I accidentally asked for a picket to Tits-burg and she clocked be right in the eye. How about you? How’d you get your shiner?”

“It’s so funny you should say that,” answered the first man “mine was from a Freudian slip too! I was at the breakfast table with my wife this morning. What I meant to say was ‘Could you please pass the sugar, honey?’ But what I accidentally said was ‘You fucking bitch, you’ve ruined my life’


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