Joke of the Day: Brave Firefighters

Joke of the Day: Brave Firefighters

There was a warehouse that caught fire. It started as a single alarm fire but quickly grew to a 3 alarm blaze. The owner of the warehouse arrived on scene and quickly realized that the fire department wasn’t going to be able to save the building. His biggest concern was the secret formula stored in his office.

He approached the chief of the firefightersand said “Sir, I don’t care about the building but you have to save my secret formula! If you do, I will give you $500,000.”

The chief thought about all the fire engines that $500,000 could buy and decided to send a crew to get the formula. The crew made it half way there before they had to turn back due to the conditions.

By this time, the blaze had reached 4 alarms and the owner upped his offer to 1 million dollars. The chief decided to take a different approach and send a crew of firefighters around the back side but again, conditions were too bad and they had to back out.

While all of this was going on, no one noticed the lone, old, volunteer firefighter company coming in from the neighboring town. Much to everyone’s amazement, the old engine with its crew drove right past all of the new and state of the art fire apparatus, into the blaze, and out of the other side of the building with a filing cabinet stuck to the front bumper. The warehouse owner saw that it was the cabinet that contained his secret formula and decided that such an act of heroism and bravery deserved the reward to be doubled again to 2 million dollars.

Upon telling the chief of the old engine company that they were getting such a large sum of money, the owner couldn’t help but ask, “What are you going to do with 2 million dollars?”

The old chief’s response was, “Well first we are going to fix the damn brakes…”


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