Horse saw a metal music video

Horse saw a metal music video

So, there was a horse who saw a metal music video. So, there was a horse who saw a metal music video, and he thought the guitarist looked really cool.

He said to himself “I want to do that!” and went to the phone book right away. He found somebody advertising electric guitar lessons and called the number.

“Hello, I’d like to learn the electric guitar. However, there’s a problem. I’m a horse.”

The music instructor replied “Oh do not worry about that, we have a special program to teach horses, you’ll learn in no time.” And so the horse went to the music instructor, and to his surprise did learn how to play the electric guitar.

So, he decided he would call his friend the chicken over to show him what he had learned. The chicken comes over, and the horse says, “I’ve learned something cool, watch this” and he plays a lick on his guitar. The chicken is impressed, and the horse decides to show him the video that originally got him interested. The chicken watches it, and is fascinated by the drums. He thinks to himself “I want to do that!” So he goes and looks up a music instructor advertising drum lessons and calls the phone number. “Hello, I’d like to learn the drums. There’s one problem though, I’m a chicken.”

The music instructor tells him not to worry about it, they’ve just developed a special program to teach chickens how to play the drums, and he’ll learn in no time. So, the chicken goes to the lessons, and does in fact learn how to play the drums. He meets back with his friend the horse, and they jam together a little bit. They decide that if they could get some more of their friends together, they could have a band going. So, they call their friend the cow over, and tell him that they’re forming a band and need a bass guitarist. The cow watches the video, and decides it looks like fun and he’ll give it a go. He finds an instructor, and calls.

“Hi, I want to learn bass guitar, but I’m a cow. Can you help me?” “Sure, that will not be any problem. We have a program designed specifically to teach cows how to play bass guitar. You’ll learn in no time.”

And so, the cow learns bass guitar, and they have a band formed. They were playing in a field when a man walked by. He said to them “Wow, I like your sound. I’m from a record label and I’d like you guys to record an album.”

The animals talk to each other about it and agree that they want to do it. So, they go to the recording studio and record an album. It became an overnight hit, and they were famous. They decided to start a tour, and set up some dates and locations. Tickets sell out immediately. They’re all getting on a plane to head to the first location, when the horse gets a call that his mother is in the hospital. He leaves to go check on her while the rest of the band went ahead, planning to catch up to them once he was finished seeing his mother. He gets there and finds that his mother is dead. He’s devastated. Then he gets a phone call informing him that the plane that his band had gotten on had crashed and there were no survivors. His friends cow and chicken and their manager were all on that plane.

Everybody he knew was dead, his band was gone, and he decided to drown his troubles in alcohol.

So the horse walks into a bar, and the bartender asks, “Why the long face?”


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