Three vampires in Transylvania

Three vampires in Transylvania

Three vampires are in a castle in Transylvania discussing how strong and powerful they are. The youngest of the group slams his fist on the table and exclaims, “I am the fastest out of us three! Watch this!”

He bursts out the window transforming into a bat and flies towards a small village. 2 minutes later, he returns with his face covered in blood.

“What happened?!” the other two Vampires ask.

“You know that village by the woods?” the youngest Vampire explained. “I flew down there, killed and drank the blood of an entire family, and flew back here before they even knew what hit them.”

“Very impressive!” shouted the second vampire. “But you’re 1000 years too young to be faster than I!” and he burst threw the same window as the first, headed to the village. 1 minute later, the second vampire returned to the room through the window, his face a mask of blood.

“What happened?” exclaimed the other two vampires.

“That same village you went too? Many villagers gathered around the house you attacked to see what had happened. I managed to kill and drink the blood of five whole families and get back here before they even knew what hit them.”

“Very impressive….” said the eldest vampire quietly. “But you are also 1000 years too young to be faster than I. I AM THE STRONGEST and FASTEST vampire alive!” and in a flash, the eldest vampire was through the window. 15 seconds later, the eldest returned to the room, his face drenched in blood.

“What happened?!” exclaimed the other two vampires.

“Did you see that tree the villagers planted years ago at the front of their village?”

“Of course.” said the other two vampires.

“Well, I did not.”


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