Doctor moves to America

A doctor moves to America, but is not allowed to continue practicing medicine. So he opens a shop with a sign that says “$20 and we’ll cure any illness. Guaranteed, or you get $100 back.”

A lawyer sees the sign and realizes he can make an easy $100. He walks into the clinic and says he lost his sense of taste. The doctor looks him over and tells the nurse to get the medicine out of box 20.

The man is given a dose by mouth. He vomits in disguised and said, “That was the most disgusting thing I ever tasted!” The doctor replies, “Congratulations! you’re cured! That’ll be $20.”

The man goes back the store and says, “please help me, I lost my memory!” The doctor takes him to the back room and says, “nurse get me the medicine out of box 20.” The man says please no! That stuff was awful!” The doctor replays, “Congratulations! That’ll be $20.”

The man returned the next week. He said, “doctor, doctor please help me I can’t see anything!” The doctor says, “sorry I can’t help you here’s your money.” The doctor hands the man his money. The man said, but the sign says you would pay $100. This is only $10.

The doctor says, “Congratulations! You can see! That’ll be $20”


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