Gorilla at the zoo

A female gorilla is alone in a cage at the zoo. She has become very cranky due to her isolation and has become increasingly aggressive. Her problematic behavior has become a concern of the zookeeper who decides to try to fix it. While trying to come up with a solution he notices the janitor, a very sleazy redneck type and gets an idea. He walks over to him and asks:

“Would you be willing to.. perhaps have sex with a gorilla for 500 dollars?”

The janitor thinks about it for a while and agrees but on 3 conditions.

“First!” He says, “I don’t want to have to kiss her. Understood?”

“Yes.” Says the zookeeper.

“Second!” The janitor says, “I don’t want anyone to know about this!”

“Alright” says the zookeeper, “And what’s the third condition?”

“I’m going to need a little bit more time to come up with the 500 dollars.”


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