Feeling under the weather

Feeling under the weather

A man had been feeling under the weather recently and decided to take a sick day.

After calling his boss he shut off his phone so that his sleep would be undisturbed for a few hours while he rested.

Upon waking, he turned his phone on to find a voice message from his Ophthalmologist asking him to come into the office that afternoon.

Forgoing his typical morning routine of a cup of coffee while browsing the internet followed by a hot shower, he immediately ran to his car then rushed to the office to be met by a full waiting room.

Half awake, the man took a seat and nervously waited for what seemed to be over an hour until the Doctor came to see him.

“Sir, I feel there is no easy way to say this… but you really need to stop masturbating.” Says the Doctor.

The man’s eyes open wide as he asks, “Why, Doc?! Am I… am I going blind?”

The Doctor lowers his head to cast his gaze upon his shoes while uncomfortably attempting to mentally prepare himself to deliver his next words.

He takes a deep breath as he braces himself, “No… You’re not going blind, Sir. However you are making the other patients in the waiting room very uncomfortable.”


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