Woman cheats on her Husband

A woman cheats on her husband after years of happy marriage. Realising her mistake, she starts praying to God:

“God, I know I did a bad thing But my marriage is the only thing that makes me happy. Please don’t let my husband find out.”

She hears a voice from above: Okay my child it will be. But the only condition is, years from now you’re going to die by drowning.

The woman agrees. The next years of her life become wonderful. She even wins the lottery and starts a successful business. Forgetting her conversation with God, she books a vacation on a cruise ship. During her cruise, the ship starts sinking. Remembering her faith, she starts praying to God again: “God, you’re not gonna drown a whole ship full of people because of me right?

She hears a familiar voice once again: “Are you kidding me? I’ve been gathering you whores for years”


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