Joke for the Democrats

Joke for the Democrats

Donald Trump dies and when he gets to hell he sees the Devil. The Devil says to him, “Donald we’ve been expecting you. Unfortunately we are full right now and don’t have room for you. But if you want I’ll show you three rooms I could make available to you.”

Trump agrees and the Devil opens the door to the first room and they see Richard Nixon endlessly diving into a pool of water and getting out. Over and over again. That is how he is spending eternity.

Trump says, “Well I can’t do that. That would mess up my hair.”

On they go. The Devil opens the door to the second room and there is Ronald Reagan swinging a sledge hammer all day long at a rock wall. Everyday this is what he does.

Once again Trump says, “Well I can’t do that. I have a bad shoulder.”

So then the Devil brings Trump to the third and final room. He opens the door and there is Bill Clinton getting a blow job from Monica Lewinsky.

Upon seeing this Trump is ecstatic. He says to the Devil, “This looks great! I will definitely take this room.”

The Devil then puts his head in the room and says,”Alright Monica, your time is done here.”


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