Traffic Cop

Traffic Cop

After spending an hour at the mall I was ready to head home, but as I exited into the parking lot I saw a police officer writing a ticket.

“Hey, what gives?!” I exclaimed, hoping for some kind of explanation.

Without saying a word, the cop pointed to the no parking sign above the spot and continued writing the ticket.

“Don’t you have anything better to do? I know everyone hates traffic cops but you, my friend, are the biggest asshole of the bunch.”

Having completed the first ticket, the police officer began writing another for an expired registration. His calm silence was irritating to say the least, and I decided that the only sensiblw thing to do was up the stakes.

“Oh, I’ll bet that makes you feel big you pencil pushing little prick! Are your parents proud of their son’s “career?” For the sake of humanity I hope you never reproduce, those worthless kids would wind up just as pathetic as their father.”

This must have struck a nerve, because without saying a word the cop removed his baton and smashed the driver side headlight. He then began writing another ticket for the broken light.

“What the fuck did you just do to my Mercedes you piece of shit? This car is worth more than you’ll ever make on your shitty traffic cop salary! Clearly you don’t know who I am, you’d be on your knees sucking my cock and begging me for forgiveness.”

After a brief pause, the police officer then proceeded to smash the windshield and driver side window. He then walked over to the rear windshield and started going at it. The car was beginning to look like a junk heap and the officer, still silent, continued writing more tickets.

“You absolute jackass! How could any human being be so fucking stupid??? I hope you’re ready to start looking for jobs flipping burgers!”

“Worth it,” replied the cop, who continued battering the once beautiful specimen of automotive innovation.

Content that the silence had finally been broken, I turned away and started walking to the exit of the parking area. While I would have loved to stay and see the outcome, I wasn’t about to miss my bus home.


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